Types Of Paint for your Home

Choosing The Right Type Of Paint For Your Home Improvement Project

Painting or repainting your home can be a challenging undertaking. There are several things that you have to consider and decide upon. One is the decision on which type of paint you are going to use to get the best results.

Finding the right types of paint for your home can be a very big task, especially if you decide to carry out the painting project on your own.  Indeed, there are many things to consider when deciding on a type of paint, such as what brand of paint you want to use, how much money you are going to allot to the project, and which type is guaranteed to last the longest for the specific application you have in mind.

Types Of Paint for your Home

The likes of Home Depot, Lowes, etc. are fine. Or you might want to try a more specialist paint store, especially if it’s a more unusual project environment. There are usually knowledgeable salespeople in most of these stores who are happy to offer assistance and answer any questions. It’s a good idea to walk in with a specific budget in mind. It’s easy to get carried away with the best of the best. Although, I do believe it is best to get the highest quality paint that you can afford because they are the ones that are guaranteed to produce the best looking results and last the longest.

One common choice you’ll have to make is between a latex paint and an oil-based paint. They can both be used to cover interior and exterior surfaces of your home depending on the kind of surface. Latex is an excellent choice to cover walls, ceilings and masonry. On the other hand, oil based paints are best for bare wood and metal surfaces. Latex is considered to be the choice for most Americans because it dries fast, doesn’t have much of an odor, and cleans up easily with soap and water. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. While I consider myself a bit of a DIY nut, there are lots of things I don’t know – well, most things I don’t know. I certainly didn’t know much about paints when I started, but shop staff are usually more than happy to help out. One big tip is that if you start asking questions and you’re not convinced that the person really understands paints, don’t be afraid to wrap up the conversation, stroll around for a while, and then ask somebody else.

So, you’ve decided on the best type of paint to use for your project. But wait, what’s the best color. Sure, you can go out and pay for advice from a color consultant; something I’ve done and been extremely happy with the results. However, if budget is tight you’ll need to come up with the perfect color choice yourself, but that’s a topic for another post.

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