How to Repair a Screen Door

How to Repair a Screen Door

Do you have a damaged screen door?  Well, no need to worry anymore since there are already simple yet effective ways you can do to repair a screen door. Now, are you ready to know how to repair a screen door? Before you start with the repair process, you need to first prepare the required materials for the repair process.  This is to ensure you of saving time and frustrations all throughout the repair process. Some of the materials you need are as follows:

  • Putty knife
  • Four in one screwdriver
  • Disposable type of plastic spreader
  • Extension cords
  • Safety glasses

These are only some of the materials you need to prepare before you start with the repair process. There are still a lot more of materials you need that will depend on the type of repair you will have to do. Right after you prepare all the required materials for the repair process, the next thing you need to do is to repair the screen door considering the following steps.

How to Repair a Screen Door

Patching the Jamb

Scoop up filler with disposable type of plastic spreader. Force it deeply into the jamb cracks. Apply a thicker coat that will cover the entire repair. Let it get hardened for forty-five minutes. Then, sand it until even, prime and then paint it on.

Mounting the New Bracket

Position your new closer door bracket on the jamb. Level it and then mark the locations of the hole. Drill the four pilot holes through the use of wood filler. Toss the mounting screws and then mount it onto the bracket with the use of a three-inch screw.

Install Closer and Wind Chain

Drive two three inches of screws on top of the jamb to secure the wind chain springs. After that, you may attach the other end of the screen door chain with the use of the upper closer bracket or just the door itself. Complete the process by way of attaching the screen door chain retracting type of springs.

Heavy duty type of chains can be utilized in order that the screen door opens at the right direction and condition. These also further avoid different accidents from existing with regard on the damaged screen door.  You may attach one end of the chains of your screen door to the other side of the top jamb. Then, it can also be connected next to the closer bracket of your screen door.

These are some of the simple steps you need to consider when you want to repair your screen door. These things need to be done in a proper and efficient manner in order to avoid accidents from happening.  If ever you are not as skilled and professional in the repair processes, then never worry of forcing yourself doing the repair process.

If you are not a pro to do the repair process, it’s always best to seek for professional repair services of companies with the skills and knowledge in the repair of screen doors.  Never put your life at risks to do the necessary repair process if you cannot do it by your own.

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