Decorate Your Home With Wood Wall Decor

I should start out by saying that I love wood. It just has a natural, warm feeling that I believe enhances any room. So, it should be no surprise that I have used plenty of wood around my house – from simple things like coat racks and wall plates, to paneling, shelves, and real wood furniture. The latter, in particular, can be quite expensive, but occasional end of season sales at Woodley’s and the like can unearth great bargains.

Most coat racks are versatile and are great when you need to keep things handy by the front door. Wooden coat racks may also store hats, gloves and scarves. This makes finding those items easier, especially if, like my sister, you have younger children.

It is certainly possible to mix wood types within a room, though my design aesthetics dictate that I try to at least find near matches to theme a room nicely. Although, there may be times that you would consider other types of wood within a space, such as when you see that perfect mirror that you cannot live without it.  You may have a special place for this mirror in your home. So, just put it where you want as a focal point, and then appropriate decoration around it.

Decorate Your Home With Wood Wall Decor

Paneling has come a long way from when I was younger.  There are many different types, styles, colors, and woods available.  It can change the way a room looks and switch a room from light to dark or dark to light.  I generally prefer to use lighter woods in small rooms to help lighten them and make them appear larger. You can cover up wallpaper and can even create wall designs.  Wood paneling is a sturdy alternative to paint or wallpaper, providing a surface that can stand up to the most demanding families.

Wood wall plates are one of the fine details and finishing touches to a room to make it complete.  For example, I sometimes use them to outline the outlets or light switches in a room and there are several places locally and online that sell these products.  There are plenty of designs and styles that you can choose from, particularly when it comes to light and plug wall plates.  If you’re changing out your plate, you might also want to consider modifying the switch, perhaps to install a dimmer switch, combine multiple switches into a single plate, add a ceiling fan, etc. Think about this before you purchase to save money down the line.  You would want to try and pick the closest color to match your wood elsewhere in the room, on the window sills, and so on.

Consider the wooden rack to be a piece of furniture and select a style that accents the rest of your decor.  Having a wooden rack can help young children become better caretakers of their coats and gloves. When they step into the house, the rack becomes an instant reminder to hang up their jacket and bags.  You can also use a wood rack in the bedrooms and place tied shoes around one of the pegs.

Oh, and shelving. Especially in smaller homes, storage tends to be at a premium. Most shelves are versatile and offer a good amount of additional storage space when you need to keep things handy by the front or back door. Wooden shelves may also store lunch boxes and folders for school.  This makes finding those items easier when you need to put your hands on them.  Oh, and I’m a book lover – no Kindle for me, just the old-fashioned paper. I’ve installed plenty of shelving for books to make best use of the space around the house. I’ve also put up shelving behind the couch for my indie movie collection – all using real wood.

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